Are you caught in the trap of substance abuse, or exhausted by a loved one’s addiction?
Are serenity and peace of mind elusive even in recovery? 
In this new primer on the Insight-out Understanding we discuss:
The transformative power of insight
How mental wellbeing can be restored more simply than you imagined
Why peace of mind is your default state

ADDICTION: ONE CAUSE, ONE SOLUTION offers a hopeful new possibility. Barbara Smith MSW and Christian McNeill have extensive personal and professional experience in addiction recovery as well as a clear understanding of an evolution in the field of addiction treatment. Their unique perspective explains the fundamental human misunderstanding that culminates in addiction, how to correct that misunderstanding and why flourishing may be simpler than you ever imagined. 
If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, this book offers a fresh and hopeful insight into the principles of human psychology and spirituality.