You already have within you all that you need for psychological well-being. In Coming Home you will be gently guided toward your own realizations of the fundamental principles that underlie all human experience. These insights will raise your overall level of psychological well-being. They will help you realize your spiritual and psychological nature and allow you to live in harmony with life more fully. This book is a heartfelt tribute to Sydney Banks, who uncovered the foundational Three Principles that create and shape all of our psychological experiences. This understanding that is known as the Three Principles is now being shared worldwide in the fields of education, business, community renewal, policing and criminal justice, addictions, prevention, psychology and psychiatry. Coming home is realizing the truth of what it is that is creating all of your experiencing, and then being at ease with all the different experiences that life brings you. It is waking up to this always-existing inner world, and as you do, you will experience a shift in your level of well-being so that your feelings are uplifted and your thinking is helpful and inspired.