Inside Out Transformation:
A Revolutionary Guide for Coaches, Therapists and Counsellors. Conversations with 15 Renowned Leaders - Sheela Masand

Foreword by Michael Neill, bestselling author of The Inside Out Revolution, Supercoach, and The Space Within

"The inside-out understanding is infinitely deeper and more helpful than any of the countless therapies and self-help techniques I've tried."

Amy Johnson, PhD, Three Principles Coach and Trainer, author of The Little Book of Big Change

Every coach, therapist and counsellor wants to have more impact for their client and they all want their clients to experience true transformation. How do you achieve that?

The author interviewed 15 renowned leaders in the field, uncovering their experience from their decades of coaching, therapy and counselling, to distill the art and science of inside-out transformation.

You will find the answers to such questions as:

What's their philosophy?

If there was one thing they would tell their younger self, what would it be?

What's their intention for a client, if any?

Do they have a process?

Do they prepare for a session?

Plus some powerful client stories that informed their client work along the way – what worked and what didn’t a.k.a. the good, the bad and the ugly!

It’s a peek behind the curtain to spark insight into how you can help your clients experience sustainable transformation. And of course, the transformation starts with you and this book has the potential to spark that too.

This is the book that every coach, therapist and counsellor, who is serious about making more of a difference to others, will want to read.

The renowned leaders featured:

Joe Bailey, Dicken Bettinger, Lori Carpenos, Christine Heath, Mark Howard, Annika Hurwitt, Sandy Krot. Gabriela Maldonado-Montano, Ken Manning, William F Pettit, George Pransky, Jack Pransky, Linda Pransky, Judith Sedgeman and Rita Shuford