Imagine:• Breakthroughs are commonplace for you and your business• Not being rattled by life’s challenges, confident that you will find new perspectives and solutions• A life with less stress and more joyThese possibilities are on offer for you in this book.Invisible Power presents a profound yet practical understanding of our most underutilized asset—the human mind. This understanding can significantly change you from the inside-out. The implications for you as a leader, a contributor, a partner, a parent, and a human being are immense.Authors Ken Manning, Robin Charbit, and Sandra Krot, bolstered by decades of experience as business leaders, entrepreneurs, and relationship experts, paint a surprisingly practical and hopeful picture, illustrated with dozens of relatable client stories. Not only will you see how to have a more enjoyable, innovative, and productive work life, you will unleash the potential you have always had as a human being. You will be ready to create your next level of success.