Is This Book for You? You will learn to know and trust your own inner wisdom—your 'guide inside'--as you read the stories and have fun with the engaging activities in this book. Know for certain the knowledge presented in this book has been successfully shared with kids in various communities for many years. Filled with practical insight, this book will help you discover who and what you really are, and empower you to reach new heights and new levels of success. Use for school. Use for home. Use for hope. Enjoy! Wise words from a learner, “A thought is like a seed, it grows into a feeling that opens up inside you. Now you decide to let it go, or keep it…You always have a choice.” This Learner Book has an accompanying My Guide Inside Book II Teacher's Manual under separate title. Series includes: Whooo ... Has a Guide Inside? Pre-K picture book; My Guide Inside: Book I Introduction, Primary; Book II Continuation, Intermediate; Book III Advanced, Secondary. See for information on e-books, e-pubs, teacher’s manuals, online resources, video on demand for each chapter, translations and more.

weitere Bücher der My Guide Inside - Reihe von Christa Campsall