Desperate to get her life back, Deborah climbs her way out of the dark pit of violence, trauma, and confusion in South London to build a Hollywood career that shows her the illusion of thought and the stories it convinces us are true

“Dance! We are going to dance, now!”

She couldn’t believe it. Here she was with a film crew in Texas, being asked to dance by John Travolta!

All the anxiety and pain of the past was gone.

Deborah was no longer the anxious little 5 year old left and forgotten, she was the most important woman in the room at the height of her career ... will it all come crashing down in a fearful storm of anxiety and dread or will Deborah be able to see that what she had made up was just a story and move on to a future of wellbeing and confidence without the raging tornado inside her head....

The Myth of Low Self Esteem is an inspiring real-life story of a woman locked in a world of trauma and heartbreak and the spiritual adventure of healing that is always possible.