Upside-Down & Backwards: The Innocent Failure of Mainstream Psychology: An Enlightened, Flourishing Life via Understanding The Three Principles that Create Our Psychological Lives von Thomas M. Kelley Ph.D.

You already have all the well-being, self-esteem, wisdom, love, and happiness you need inside you. Your innate health is ready and waiting bubble-up unless you INNOCENTLY get in the way. So, please stop depending on mainstream psychology's techniques, coping strategies, and medications to feel better. They require hard work, don't work that well, have negative downsides, and are not needed to reduce your mental stress and release your innate well-being.

Instead, please join me, Dr. Tom Kelley, on a journey to life-changing insights regarding the way the Principles of UNIVERSAL MIND, CONSCIOUSNESS, AND THOUGHT manifest within all of us to create our psychological lives. Please remember, this is not your rehearsal life; this is your real life. Please don't wait any longer to start living the life of your dreams!