Are you tired of being told to ‘think positive’? Do you ever feel like the odds are stacked against you or that you’re running on empty? What if you could stop trying to improve yourself and just be yourself? 

We’re often told that to be brave or handle lifes challenges, we need to build mental strength and resilience. But what happens is that we end up in an endless cycle of self-improvement wondering why we keep getting stuck in the same old mind traps and behavioural patterns. In this ground-breaking book, bestselling author Chantal Burns shatters every major myth and misunderstanding about resilience. She will show how you can function brilliantly whatever is going on around you and whatever you might be feeling. Being at your best is simpler than you think. Do you want to:


Bulletproof will show you why you dont need to build resilience or manage your emotions. What if it’s much simpler than that?  Through a mix of powerful research, practical insights, relatable stories and illustrations, you will gain some radically new perspectives on some age-old problems. This book will remove mental noise and insecurities and simplify your life. Ready to dive in?

Sydney Banks

So hat sie Sydney Banks, der diese Drei Prinzipien erkannte und dann artikulierte, selbst beschrieben:

“MIND is the universal intelligence behind life, CONSCIOUSNESS creates an awareness of what we call reality, and THOUGHT is the power to create our moment to moment existence.”