Finding Peace, Compassion, and Love in a a world that is hurting

Finding Peace, Compassion, and Love in a world that is hurting.

The Three Principles understanding gives us the ability to ‘see’ beyond the troubles of the world, and beyond our own issues. We have the world within us and the power to change it.

Sydney Banks said at the beginning of his teaching that leaving the world to find peace wasn’t the answer. Some of his earliest students, including me and my husband, left society because we were disillusioned and thought we would find peace by ‘going back to the land’. This is what he told us, “You are society. Change yourself and the world will change.”

We began to discover that instead of trying to figure life out, when we quieted our mind, this soothed our soul, and we could ‘see’ the world with understanding rather than with judgment.

There is something beyond seeing with the eyes. There is a depth of vision that is gained from stillness, the spiritual essence within us all.

This is a lesson to be learned time and time again.

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Elsie Spittle
1. Juni 2018
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Sydney Banks

So hat sie Sydney Banks, der diese Drei Prinzipien erkannte und dann artikulierte, selbst beschrieben:

“MIND is the universal intelligence behind life, CONSCIOUSNESS creates an awareness of what we call reality, and THOUGHT is the power to create our moment to moment existence.”