Die 3 Prinzipien Community

Die 3 Prinzipien Community

Fresh starts, new potential & transformation from the Inside out

During this time of year people are often reflecting on the previous year and looking towards what’s possible in the new one. It can be a time of hopefulness. An opportunity for fresh start, a reset, a chance to have a whole new experience of ourselves and our potential. However, for some being hopeful looks like a bad idea. If you’re like me, hopefulness didn’t seem to work. I had it linked to disappointment. And would tell myself, “Don’t get your hopes up.” I had become cynical about hopefulness, New Year’s resolutions, and certain areas of my life where it just looked like I could not change.

As I began to understand where potential, possibility and transformation come from – the source of it, I started to experience hopefulness and my own potential in a whole new way. Being in the feeling of potential, possibility about life, our work, our expression in the world is incredibly enriching. It does something for us. It lifts us. It carries us forward and is the soil from which new fruit, new ideas and fresh starts grow. Allowing myself to pipe dream, to hope while grounded in the understanding of our true nature, and where our experience is coming from, has allowed me to have a whole new relationship to living life, transformation and creating.

During this webinar, we will explore together the nature of transformation, possibility and the source of our potential. How fresh starts, resets and tapping into new experiences of our own potential is natural and available in every moment.

12. Juni 2018
3PGC Webinare