The binocular of understanding: Getting the full picture

Having 2 eyes allows us to see in three dimensions. To have depth perception. You can see all the same objects with only one eye. `But you cannot navigate them in three dimensions because the two eyes together allow you to see more richly with eh dimension of depth. Once you know that Mind Consciousness and Thought are Principles, you are looking at the right objects. But how can you tell if you are seeing them in 3D in a real way that allows you to navigate their richness and benefit from the difference a richer understanding gives you? In this webinar we will be exploring the binocular perspective of a real understanding that The Principles points to as well as the subtle, and often unrecognised, single eye view that allows us to see and "understand" The Principles clearly while not realising we are seeing a flat picture.We all get both, its invaluable to know when both lens of your binoculars are in focus and when one of them has a lense cap on.

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Coach Porträt
3. Juni 2018
3PGC Webinare

Sydney Banks

So hat sie Sydney Banks, der diese Drei Prinzipien erkannte und dann artikulierte, selbst beschrieben:

“MIND is the universal intelligence behind life, CONSCIOUSNESS creates an awareness of what we call reality, and THOUGHT is the power to create our moment to moment existence.”