The basic, immutable nature of all human beings is well-being, clarity, and peace of mind. Those are your default state—what you already are in this very moment. Anytime your experience of life doesn’t reflect clarity or peace of mind—anytime you’re suffering; experiencing confusion, pain, fear, or loss; or questioning yourself or your abilities—you are deep in thought. Personal, habitual thinking is the only thing that ever holds you back from the peaceful experience of who you really are. Through a series of short but powerful essays and real-life client conversations, Being Human sets you up for your own personal insights and realizations about your true nature and how easy life can be. This is not a self-help book because you don’t need self-help. You are already well. The most you could ever “need” is to be reminded that you already have within you everything you’re looking for and to understand the principles that lead you to connect with it. Being Human is that reminder.