Hope for All is an updated reissue of the best and most pertinent excerpts from Prevention from the Inside-Out edited for the general public regarding creating change from the inside-out. Part I contains a series of compelling, extensive and detailed interviews from community folks and change agents who were on the front lines experiencing, first, personal change from realizing the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought in their lives, then applying it in a state of service to help others in communities and organizations. Part II contains "A Guide for Realizing Community and Organizational Change from the Inside-Out," written for those who want to learn how to create change from the inside-out in communities and organizations. In addition, it presents four models for applying this Three Principles approach in communities, and also contains excerpts of personal results from a major qualitative study titled, "The Experience of Participants after Three Principles Training." Sydney Banks, who uncovered Three Principles understanding, and Dr. Roger Mills, who first applied this inside-out approach in communities, would be proud.