Stress at work has become so commonplace that we literally take it for granted. This is despite the massive cost in terms of individual suffering, mental health problems, reduced team performance and lost productivity. Traditional solutions have provided better coping strategies and stress-management techniques. However, they have failed to tackle the problem at its source.

Where do stressful feelings really come from?

How can we remain resilient in the face of challenging circumstances?

Is it possible to be less bothered by the difficult people around us?

These are some of the questions this book addresses, and the answers may well surprise you. More importantly, they will reveal to you a simple yet powerful way of understanding how the mind works. This understanding can be applied to manage stress better. But once understood, work and our relationship with work can change, effortlessly.

 Read first-hand accounts of six individuals in the book, who overcame work-related stress, anxiety and mental distress after understanding the true nature of their life experiences.