There is no one-way to approach marriage. This book does not provide techniques to improve

your marriage. It is a set of reflections based on the teachings of Sydney Banks that point toward

the source of human experience. It was through a deeper connection with my true nature and a

more profound understanding of my humanness that I experienced a shift in my marriage.

Being able to see that I live in the transitory, subjective reality of my personal thinking helped me

to open my mind and heart to the mystery of what powers thought. Connecting more fully with

the source of my experience allowed me to experience greater resilience. This helped me to

take things less personally. It also became much easier for me to get over my upset and bounce

back. I know my natural state is love. The only thing that can ever get in the way of me

experiencing love as the truth of who I am, is my reactive thinking – not my husbands behavior.

This has been liberating for me personally and healing for us as a couple.