What if You Already Knew the Answers to Your Questions?

“The simplicity of Elsie's latest book is refreshing and engaging. I noticed my brain would occasionally look for something more, but then Elsie’s stories would gently bring me back to my true nature and I see how uncomplicated life can actually be if I let it. Once again I am given an opportunity to see Truth a little deeper and with fresh eyes. And as the title suggests – the stories continue to remind us that we already know the answers to all our questions. This book points beautifully to our Divine intelligence and the natural wisdom present in all humans, no matter what's going on in the world or our current circumstances.

“Throughout this book you can really feel the wisdom of 40+ years of living in this understanding. There is a lightness of spirit in Elsie's writing and perspective that I really appreciate. A gem of a book.”

Anna Debenham, Director of a prison program/organization in Portland