In your hands you hold the most definitive book on the Three Principles ever written (according to the author). Unlike other Three Principle books, this book has a special coating that allows you to use it for firewood in case you live in a very cold area of the world.

Author, speaker, dancer, philanthropist, and self-made genius Amir Karkouti has accumulated 18 questions that have been pondered since the discovery of the Three Principles by Sydney Banks. Although Amir Karkouti was not a welder with a 9th grade education, he pretends to know about these Three Universal Gifts.

Join him as he dismantles these pressing questions, and allows each reader to get a mind-blowing insight into the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought.

Each question has been pondered, hand-washed, and gently dried out for your reading pleasure. You will be shocked, amazed, and hopefully, enlightened. The goal is for the reader to be shockingly enlightened.

So...stop reading the back of the book and buy it already!